Gusto’s first charity project: Building of an education centre in Guatemala

Since Gusto was born in 2010, it has always been the management team's dream to start its own charity project. We're all very excited to announce that the time has finally come to make this dream a reality!

Our first charity project will be the building of a multi-purpose centre in Santo Tomas de Castilla, Puerto Barrios, Izabal... in the highlands of Guatemala! This centre will consist of 5 multi-functional rooms and will cater for the cultural and educational wellbeing of all the people of the region area, especially the youth and the q’eqchis.

The principal aim of this project is to give new working opportunities to the locals as youths will be trained as carpenters, fishermen and as mechanics. This will not only improve their standard of living but also help the community in general.

For more information on the location and on the project itself, please visit our Facebook page.