What is GUSTO?

GUSTO is the most successful and largest diners club in the Maltese islands. We have over 100 partner restaurants in Malta and Gozo each offering our members huge discounts whenever they dine out. Discounts include a one-time 50% discount on the food bill at each and every participant restaurant. In edition 3, we’ve also introduced a bonus section which gives members the possibility to enjoy weekend breaks and avail themselves from spa treatments at highly advantageous discounts including 50% off the regular rates.

How much can I expect to save by becoming a member of GUSTO?

There are no limits on the total savings that you can make throughout your membership period. The more you dine out the more you will save. However, on average, GUSTO members save €25-30 on each visit to a restaurant. If you dine out once a week that equates to over €1300 of saving in a year... without even taking into consideration of the potential saving from weekend break and spa visits! We estimate that GUSTO members have saved over 5 million Euros throughout the first two editions!

How much does a GUSTO Ed. 3 membership cost?

We have 2 batches of memberships per edition: one cheaper than the other. The first batch of memberships cost only €95 but this is now sold out. We are currently selling the last batch of memberships whose price is of €120 per year (which would be equivalent to a cappuccino coffee every week)!

Think about it, if you dine out just once a month you would not only recoup the price of your membership but actually save lots of money... so at the end of the day it will always be free!

How do I become a member?

Just click on the Join Now button in the website menu. You will fill in your details and also pay for your membership online. Alternatively, you can call us and we can take your order on the phone. In a couple of days you will receive your membership card and GUSTO directory and you're ready to start taking advantage of your discounts. It really is that simple!

I would like to renew but my current membership is still valid for some more time. Should I still renew now?

Yes you definitely should renew right away! When you click on the Renew Now button, the system will ‘find’ your personal information including the expiry date of your 2nd edition membership. When you renew, the system will automatically set the starting day for your Edition 3 membership to the day following the expiry of your current one. This will ensure that you can keep using your current membership till is expires... while you have the peace of mind that your edition 3 membership is guaranteed. If you wait to renew, edition 3 memberships will probably sell out.

How long is a GUSTO membership valid for?

A GUSTO membership expires 1 year from the purchase date. For example, if you register on 15th Feb 2013, it will expire on 14th Feb 2014.

How many discounts are there in GUSTO?

In GUSTO there can be 2 discounts: the One Time Discount and the Unlimited Discount.

The One Time Discount consists of 50% off the food bill for member and 1 guest. This discount is redeemable just once at every restaurant listed on the website. This means you can visit all restaurants listed with GUSTO and get a discount of 50% off the food bill at each restaurant... however, you can only do it once at each one of them. At some restaurants on specific days, the One Time Discount might be 30%... this would be indicated on the restaurant’s listing on the website. Beverages are always paid in full.

When you visit a Gusto restaurant the 2nd time or more, you can avail yourself from the Unlimited Discount. This discount varies from restaurant to restaurant and can be anything between 5% and 50%. This discount normally applies on the whole table but it can be specified otherwise on the restaurant’s listing on our website. To claim the Unlimited discount, you just need to present the personalised plastic card.

Why is it that some restaurants offer 30% instead of 50% discount on some days?

Restaurants have the option to offer a reduced one time offer (30% instead of 50%) instead of blocking that day altogether. This means that members have more options where to dine out on days when restaurants are normally much busier than usual e.g. on weekends.

What do the icons in the restaurants’ listings mean?


Can I use my GUSTO membership any time?

Yes! With over 100 restaurants around the islands to choose from, you are practically able to dine out at lunch, dinner, weekdays and weekends. Some restaurants may feature individual exclusions which are clearly indicated in the specific restaurant’s page on our website. However, if a particular restaurant is restricting the offer when you would like to dine out, there will be many other restaurants which are offering it.

What happens if I lose my membership booklet or card?

Unfortunately lost membership booklets cannot be replaced unless whoever finds it returns it to us. On the other hand, if your membership booklet is damaged, you can have it replaced by sending it back to us with a cheque of €10 made payable to Trend Ventures Coop Ltd. We will send you a new booklet upon receipt. In case you lose the personalised plastic card, you can ask us to send you another one. The charge for this is €5.

Can we choose any dish from the menu?

GUSTO discounts apply on the a-la-carte menu so yes you can choose anything from it.

Some restaurants might offer heavily-discounted set menus or discounted dishes as in-house promotions. Since GUSTO is not available in conjunction with any other offer, the discounts might not apply such special set-menus or specific dishes at some restaurants as these would be already discounted. Whenever possible, such restrictions will be pointed out on the specific restaurant's page on

Why do some restaurants require that I make a prior reservation mentioning my intention to use Gusto?

Many restaurants have billing systems that don’t permit alterations once a bill is issued so it’s important for them to know beforehand so that separate bills can be opened for food and beverages.

Other restaurants have limited seating capacity so they need to plan and distribute their seating in advance. While all restaurants gladly welcome and actually want as many GUSTO members to visit them as possible, it’s not financially healthy for any restaurant to be full with GUSTO members only on any day. By knowing in advance, they can allow a combination of GUSTO members and non members in any seating and thus balance the books.

It has to be expected that the best and most popular restaurants tend to full up early so book well ahead and do not rely on same-day bookings especially on weekends to avoid disappointment.

Is the GUSTO booklet or card transferable?

GUSTO membership is strictly non-transferable and can only be used by members whose name is printed on the card and dining partner/s. A valid form of identification (ID) will be requested and restaurateurs are under strict orders to confiscate cards whose name does not match the one on your ID. We do this for your security... in case your card or booklet are lost... no one would be able to take your discount.

Can I use my GUSTO discounts when dining out with many people?

The One Time Discount is available for you as the card holder and a maximum of 1 guest. In the case where you and your guest are dining with other adult diners who are not members of GUSTO, the cheapest 2 items from each course consumed by the whole party will be discounted by 50% e.g. the cheapest 2 starters and cheapest 2 mains from the group’s order. On the other hand, the Unlimited Offer can apply for groups but it is recommended that you check the specific restaurant listing as a few restaurants have set a maximum number of people per card.

How does it work for families with children?

In case you and your guest are accompanied by children, the One Time discount will be calculated on the price of the 2 adults’ food bill and the children’s order is paid in full. By children we understand diners aged under 10 years or diners who order from kids’ menu.

How many GUSTO memberships can be used on the same table?

Many restaurants allow an unlimited number of memberships on the same table. This will be depicted by the blue icon showing U. Other restaurants allow a specific number of memberships per table. This is depicted by the number in the blue icon on the restaurant’s listing on the booklet or website.

Why is it that I have to pay in cash when using GUSTO?

When you pay using credit cards, restaurants incur processing fees and charges which means that at the end of the day they get less than the 50% that you actually pay. Paying in cash means won’t make a difference for you but will make for the restaurant.

I noticed that on the website there are restaurants which are not in my booklet. Can I still visit them and get the GUSTO discounts?

Yes of course. We can recruit restaurants after we print the booklet. Such restaurants would be depicted by a blue star and a number in the website. To claim the discounts at these ‘new’ restaurants, just present your booklet normally and the cashier/waiter will sign on the restaurant’s box that corresponds to the number shown on the restaurant’s page on our website.

I’ve downloaded GUSTO’s smartphone app. Can I use it to claim the One Time offer?

No for the time being, the only way you can claim the One Time offer is by presenting your personalised printed booklet.

How can I rate and review a GUSTO restaurant?

Very simple. In every restaurant’s page on (to the right of the map) there is a login box. Enter the membership number and password we emailed you when you registered and from then onwards it should be self explanatory.