Grotto Tavern
Grotto Tavern
10, Misrah il-Parrocca Rabat

Reservations: 79453258
Amenities: Air Conditioned, Free WiFi, Gluten Free Dishes, Outside Seating, Parking, Separate Room for Parties, Vegetarian Options
Cuisine: French, Maltese, Mediterranean
Opening Hours: Open 12:00-15:00 and 18:30-22:30 everyday

GUSTO Discount Information (applies to 8th Edition only)

Lunch Prior reservation and mention of GUSTO is required.   Cash payments only when redeeming the one time offer.
Dinner  Dessert is not included in discounts Up to 2 memberships accepted on 1 table

Unlimited Discount 10% on the food bill for the whole table.
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